Our New Normal

Welcome to the New Normal.  I just finished my first “shelter at home” week; I know others are just beginning. 

My biggest revelation is that it caused a refocus almost immediately on what’s important: family, friends and community.  Stanford product designers (a program of which I’m a proud alum) sprang to action, designing DIY masks and 3D-printed ventilator splitters.  And groups of old friends immediately began creating zoom meetups. 

This challenging period feels almost like a re-set – a moment in which we needed to stop, assess our lives and our role in the greater world, and decide how we want to move forward, as individuals, families, and communities. 

For a working mom who travels a lot, seeing my children (Izzy, 13 yesterday!, and Talia, 10) throughout the course of the day, in breaks between their zoom classes, and my own zoom meetings, is a gift.  And every evening, we cook dinner together, a ritual we have only ever done on weekends.  It’s not perfect – they of course squabble, and create huge messes - but they also curl up on the couch together in the afternoon and read books, and the sight of that is priceless. 

Amidst the business disruption, the challenges of working remotely, stores closing, financial stress, and layoffs, I believe that this time can be one of creativity and strategic growth.  So that when we do return to our “regular existence” it will be a brand new “New Normal”, a hybrid of what was before, and what we learned during this challenging period of time. 

I wish you and your loved ones strength & calmness in these wild times. 

Sending lots of love,

Anna xoxo

Anna Rabinowicz

Founder/ CEO

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