Like all the Anna New York collections, the genesis of Elevo started from a singular obsession. A New York flea market find of a princess-cut gemstone set Anna on a seemingly impossible journey, resulting in our exquisite Elevo offering.

“I was obsessed with this gemstone I found at the Chelsea Flea Market. It was not precious, but to me, it was a treasure. I was captivated by its luminosity, its smoothness. I put it at a pride of place on my desk,” smiles Anna.

Cut to years later, the often picked-up stone always brought up the question, ‘How could I seamlessly incorporate this into a design?’

“I wanted to fuse this gemstone with another material. What would be appropriate?”

Anna wanted to highlight its luminosity. Glass? Not just any glass, crystal. It needed to be crystal-clear, with no casts, so that it showcased the gemstone. It needed to look and feel luxe.

“I dwell in the luxury arena, but at the core of my designs is a desire to create useful objects, pieces that are highly functional and can be used and appreciated every day.”

A highly technical and laborious process went into the making of each Elevo offering. Dare we say even a potential patented process was created? 

“The champagne glasses are precision-made in a unique shape for a reason. A thick sham feels luxe and tapers to a paper-thin edge. It feels great in your hand. Even the lip edge is just right.”

It’s this obsession with detail that is a part of everything that Anna designs.

“I am designing for longevity. All these little details are a critical part of my design process. My clients may not know all the details that have gone into a design, but they will know when a piece feels right and that it is special.”


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