Magical Inspiration: Torre Objet and Ring Bookends

Design is all about magic.

The magic of creating designs that visually delight, playing with proportion and scale and materials to create pieces that we hope are utterly unexpected and charming.

The magic of telling a story through form, of an experience which someone could have with our pieces. Like sitting in your kitchen with your best friend, a shaft of sunlight from the window illuminating one of our Couna marble bowls, filled with homemade cookies. Or pouring a drink for your spouse from our Elevo cut-crystal and gemstone decanter, at the end of a long day, winding down and getting ready for the evening. 

We designed our two new decorative pieces with just that magic in mind. Created to adorn a bookend or end table, to stand alone or hold up your books, they were intended to make magic and start conversations. 

Our Torre objet d'art draws inspiration from the geometry of natural pyrite cubes. We tried to give it the appearance of defying gravity and magically suspending in space. Like many of our best-selling designs, it's a blend of hand-carved Italian Carrara marble and precisely-machined gold metal. Don't worry - the cubes won't fall; we spent nearly a year working out the precise physics behind precisely aligning each cube, and building an internal mechanism to keep them in place for decades (and hopefully even centuries) to come.  

The creation of our Ring bookend sprang from the same desire to create visual tension and excitement with a design which appears poised to fall - but is in actually very stable. Perched at an almost-impossible angle, the metal piece (inspired by modern architecture) actually holds your books very securely. Hewn from Italian Carrara marble and precisely-made gold-plated metal, this bookend set is designed to last a lifetime, and beyond.

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