MAQUINA Candle holders

At RabLabs, we are inspired by so many things – from the lifecycles of undersea organisms, to the bolts found at a local hardware store.  The design of our Maquina collection began with an observation that taper candles never fit properly in candleholders – and ended with our fusion of a mechanism typically used to fix a leak, and high design.  We hope you’ll enjoy screwing your candles into these aesthetically-refined candlesticks – and knowing that they’ll never fall out.

  • Small: 1.5" x 3.5"/4cm x 9cm
  • Medium: 1.5" x 4.5"/4cm x 37cm
  • Large: 1.5" x 5.25"/4cm x 13cm
  • Solid Brass
  • Wipe clean with damp soft cloth.
  • Imported.