Our Story

  • The Design Process

    Our designs often begin with a material that inspires Anna - a fragment of shell, a crystal formation of druzy amethyst, or even a piece of rose gold. Often her inspiration comes from a natural organism, like the sea fan which inspired our Espera collection. Anna discovered the original artifacts on the top shelf in her father’s study, and then undertook a multi-year, academic research project to examine the properties and behaviors of this natural organism. The development process then builds upon this extensive research into natural organisms. Anna sketches her ideas (often with her favorite cappuccino by her side),...

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    Anna has worked with artisans in Brazil since 2002, mainly producing her designs in a tiny hamlet in the deep south of the country. Over the years, she has developed relationships with the craftspeople, encouraging them to build upon their abilities in order to develop new ways to create objects. Anna works with them in their home studios, examining their processes and suggesting imaginative production techniques. She looks for ways to build upon their abilities, which has resulted in the growth of their companies.

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